Lactation Consultation

Whether you are a new mom or a veteran breastfed mom that needs a little more direction, give us a call.  We will provide you a receipt to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.  If you are already preauthorized for a consult (great job!  you probably started when you started the process for your breast pump!), call us for maintenance or just a review.




– Zoom teleconferencing : Many moms are more comfortable in their own home without worrying about taking the baby out.  Each appointment is locked, private, and new user ID and passwords are individually generated for each appointment to make it more secure.

– or in our office in Staten Island, NY

Frequently asked questions

Q.  When would I need a Lactation Consultant?

A.  Lactation Consultants work with moms on the phone and privately to help assist moms breastfeeding for an assortment of issues i.e. (but not limited to): If Mom Feels:


  • pain in her breasts or nipples
  • dread with putting the baby to her breast
  • uncertain because she had breast surgery (augmentation or reduction)
  • anxious about nursing multiples
  • she wants to breastfeed an adopted baby
  • she wants to restart breastfeeding after she stopped for a while
  • the need for reassurance


OR If the Baby:


  • is colicky, having spit up or reflux
  • is not latching onto the breast consistently
  • is not satisfied after feedings
  • is nursing constantly
  • has lost weight, is not gaining weight, or is gaining weight slowly
  • needs supplements after breastfeeding
  • is frequently crying
  • is premature
  • has special needs (i.e. cleft lip/palate, etc.

Q.  What is a “Board Certified” Lactation Consultant anyway? 

A.  An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a specialist in breastfeeding with skills to help families from birth through weaning AND 


  • has completed a minimum of 2500 hours of practice BEFORE becoming certified
  • had passed a Board Certification exam with a high level of clinical and theoretical knowledge
  • provides evidence-based care
  • adheres to a professional standard of practice and code of ethics


The IBCLC credential is the ONLY official, international credential for those offering breastfeeding lactation care and services.  


Q. What happens during a private consultation? 

A. After a mom and baby health history is obtained, a feeding is observed in the mom’s home with a breast and baby assessment. Pre and post-feeding baby weights may be required, interpretation of the baby’s intake will be discussed and an individualized and concise plan will be developed. An initial visit usually takes approximately 60 minutes.  Most breastfeeding problems can be overcome with patience, determination, and the right kind of assistance and support. Our Board Certified Lactation Consultants (LCs) want to help you continue your nursing goals and make it more enjoyable and successful.  


Q. Do you accept insurance? 

A. We are not in-network with any insurance company at this time.  However, we suggest contacting your insurance carrier in advance to see if out-of-network lactation services are covered by your plan, and if so, what is the rate.  If you received a breast pump through them, chances are lactation consultation services are covered (through the Affordable Care Act).  Reimbursement varies by carrier and plan.  You can start looking into it when you plan for delivery of your breast pump during pregnancy!  We supply you with a Superbill (an insurance acceptable form/receipt for services rendered) and a w9 form.  Currently, payment is out of pocket and necessary prior to the consult.

Lactation Consultation – ZOOM

Zoom teleconferencing has brought the convenience of staying home and not having to get the baby or yourself out of the house right to you.  With your consent, a locked, private, client specific Zoom code is generated to protect your privacy and all the issues needed to be addressed can be done in the safety of your home.

1 hr


Lactation Consultation – IN OFFICE – Appointment Only: 1st Visit 

In office appointments available in our Staten Island office.  Please call 718-836-8637 (718-ten-toes) to schedule an appointment.  Many lactation consultant appointments are reimbursable by insurance.

1 hr


Lactation Consultation – IN OFFICE – Appointment Only : FOLLOW UP Visit

Once you’ve had your first appointment in the office, sometimes you need a follow up.  Register here for an additional visit.  Many lactation consultant appointments are reimbursable by insurance.

30 minutes