Every sling is packaged with a sizing chart, instruction booklet AND an instructional DVD on how to use the sling and its different methods.

1. Find the seam - where the sling has been sewn into a continuous tube.
2. Fold the sling inside itself.
3. This makes the sling into a two layered tube.
4. Put your arm through the sling with the folded edge toward you. The open edges will face away from you.
5. Bring the sling over your head and rest it on your opposite shoulder.
6. The curved, padded end will be down, directly under the opposite breast from your shoulder. The open side of the tube is facing up.

pink zone = good fit

Measure diagonally for shoulder to hip measurement.

First, if you are still pregnant, there should be some room in the pouch between your belly and the outer rail. You should be able to open it a few inches.

Second, if you put your baby in the sling and it feels too tight, you need a larger size.

Third, the bottom of the pouch should still be somewhere near your navel. If it is much lower than this, you will need a size smaller.

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