Bebe au Lait / Hooter Hiders Nursing Covers

For those familiar with the Hooter Hider™ name brand, you won’t be disappointed with their new look; same product, just a different name.  If you still want the Hooter Hider brand, choose “Hooter Hider” instead of “Bebe au Lait,” and your product will have the well known and well-loved name tag.

Great for moms not yet comfortable nursing in public.  No one needs to know or see with this stylish and concealing cover!

  • The versatile Nursing Cover could be used as a light blanket, stroller cover
  • Patent pending rigid neckline which allows direct eye contact with baby at all times
  • 100% cotton
  • Terrycloth pocket detail for quick clean up or storage of breastpads or pacifiers

*SPECIAL ORDER Items are nonrefundable and may take an extra 7 days for delivery